3 Reasons Why Authenticity Should Be a Top Priority for Your Branded Podcast

By MuddHouse Media

Authenticity is a crucial element to the public perception of any brand. The values associated with authenticity, when applied to a brand, humanize it and allow trust to be built with their audience. Branded podcasts are an outstanding way to boost brand authenticity and the perception of your brand. Here are three ways that a branded podcast can display your brand’s authenticity.


1 - A Counter to Content Saturation:

The digital space is becoming more and more saturated with content. Consumers constantly find themselves on the receiving end of advertisements and marketing messaging. Audiences are becoming progressively more adept at filtering out inauthentic or promotional material. As people swipe through social media, they have learned to identify and swipe past content that they consider to be ingenuine or promotional.

Branded podcasting offers a refreshing alternative to traditional brand advertising and allows for your brand to be represented through authentic storytelling, genuine conversations, and valuable insights. This sort of brand representation operates differently than most promotional content, humanizing your brand by providing it a platform to establish genuine human connection through the intimate medium of audio storytelling. 


2- Building Authentic Connections

Traditional advertising often interrupts the consumer experience, whether through pop up windows, ad breaks, or sponsored search results. Branded podcasts focus instead on providing your brand with a place for sharing its authentic story, values, and personality in a way that feels natural and unobtrusive. 

A great example of authenticity being put to use can be seen in the podcast Slack Variety Pack. Slack, a popular collaboration platform, launched the podcast to share the diverse stories and experiences of its users. By featuring real experiences with the brand and interviews with Slack users, as well as success stories and the platform’s effect on industry and community, the brand has built a strong community of brand evangelists


3- Transparency Through Authenticity

Consumers value transparency in brands, which makes it key to find a platform where your brand can be unambiguous about its values. A brand becomes more human and easier to connect to through authentic podcasting by discussing company culture, addressing mistakes they have made, or sharing challenges they face.

A great example of brand transparency through authenticity can be seen in the Breaking Brand podcast launched by Buffer, a social media management company. On the podcast, they discuss the challenges and successes of building and managing a brand in the digital age. By openly addressing their own experiences and the lessons they learned along the way, Buffer presents their brand as authentic and transparent. This built trust, community, and provided valuable insights for other businesses as well.


Are you looking to boost loyalty to your brand with branded podcasting? Reach out to the Muddhouse Media team today!

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