3 Reasons You Should Make Your Branded Podcast Multilingual

By MuddHouse Media Team

Language barriers can create a serious obstacle between brand and consumer. It’s difficult for a brand, especially across language barriers, to reach diverse populations and cultures. How is a brand’s awareness carried across these barriers, and how can a brand forge deep connections with consumers across the world? A great way to do this is through creating a multilingual branded podcast. Here are three key reasons a well produced, multilingual branded podcast is a smart move for your brand if it is trying to reach a global audience.


1. Tapping into Diversity

Did you know that only 25.9% of internet users are English speakers? The internet is a very diverse landscape, and this diversity brings with it linguistic variety. These linguistically diverse communities are untapped potential by monolinguistic podcasts, and tapping into that potential can give any branded podcast an edge over competition.

By producing a podcast in both English and Mandarin, for example, the content being made is linguistically accessible to 45.3% of internet users, nearly doubling the potential reach of the content and thus, your brand’s message. More people being exposed to your brand means your brand increases its reach and visibility. With this increase, your brand will naturally experience growth in revenue and recognizability. You can dub your podcast in other languages, or, you may want to consider launching a separate podcast that has a slightly different focus that would speak to a foreign audience.


2. Positioning Your Brand As One with Global Reach

A multilingual podcast for your brand communicates that your brand not only respects diversity, but nurtures and uplifts it. This is an important image for your brand to put forward and a powerful reflection of your brand’s spirit and values. As such, having a multilingual podcast for your brand inherently benefits your brand image.

The vast majority of podcasts for brands based in the U.S. are in English, which fails to represent the diversity of podcast listeners. By releasing a podcast in multiple languages, you are not only demonstrating your awareness of the linguistic communities you include on your podcast, but also establishing that those communities are important enough to your brand to ensure its content is inclusive of them.


3. Keeping Up with Changes in Podcasting

Podcasting is becoming much more diverse, and its linguistic landscape is changing. According to industry predictions, by 2027 there will be more podcast listeners in Latin America than anywhere else in the world. This marks a massive coming influx of non-English speakers, and demonstrates the benefit of adapting branded podcast content to be accessible in multiple languages. 

As linguistic diversity changes in podcasting, the benefits of multilingual content will only continue to grow, offering an increasingly lucrative space in the market. For brands looking to extend their reach globally, creating a multilingual branded podcast is a smart tool in the marketing toolbox. 

Do you want to grow your brand’s reach and visibility to a global audience? Reach out to the team at Muddhouse Media today, we’d love to see how we can be helpful to you!

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