4 Reasons Your Podcast Should Be a Video Podcast

By MuddHouse Media Team

As the landscape of podcasting continues to evolve, transitioning your audio podcast to a video format on YouTube can be a strategic move. While many listeners prefer to consume audio content on-the-go, others find the visual aspect of a video podcast more engaging. Here are a few reasons why you should consider adding a visual component to your podcast.

1. We love seeing faces. By including video in your podcast, you're able to create deeper emotional connections with your audience by allowing them to see the faces of the hosts and guests. This adds a personal and relatable element to the content and fosters a greater sense of connection. Riverside.fm & Zencastr are two of our favorite tools to record video + audio remotely. 

2. Video content opens up the opportunity for a wider audience. Many people prefer consuming video content over audio, and with the increase in popularity of video podcasts, YouTube is featuring more podcasts on their main page. This means that your podcast has the potential to reach a larger audience and gain more visibility.

3. Video content allows for flexibility in sharing content. While you can certainly post the entire episode, short clips can be taken from the episode and shared on social media platforms. This makes it easy for people to consume your content in bite-sized pieces, which can increase the likelihood of them sharing your content with their own networks.

4. Podcasts are no longer solely an individual activity. With video content, you can gather friends and family around the TV to watch and discuss your favorite podcasts together. This allows for a more communal experience and can even create a dedicated community around your podcast.

It’s clear that transitioning your podcast to a video format can have several benefits, including deeper emotional connections, increased audience reach, flexible content sharing, and a more communal experience. If you need a hand in making the transition to video for your branded podcast, let’s talk.

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