4 Ways a Branded Podcast Can Be Your SEO Hero

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By MuddHouse Media Team

Search engine optimization is a key strategy to increase your brand’s visibility. SEO can be a difficult thing to manipulate (it’s often called “the long game”), but through the strategic use of a branded podcast, building SEO for your brand can be powerfully expedited. Here are a few key ways a branded podcast can help leverage SEO for your brand.


1. Strategic Keyword Use

The strategic use of keywords is a cornerstone of SEO, and branded podcasts provide an excellent opportunity to incorporate relevant keywords into your brand’s content. Google has begun integrating audio content indexing, which means that the words spoken in audible content will be cataloged. This cataloged content appears in search results much like text-based websites, which means that podcast content is a powerful player in the SEO of a brand.

Doing some research into keywords is a good place to start. With those keywords better understood, you can implement them into your podcast’s titles, episode descriptions, spoken words, and transcripts. This will create a reservoir of keywords associated with your brand, which will naturally raise your brand’s relevance and visibility in search results.


2. Backlinking Opportunities

Backlinks are inbound links from other websites to your own. Backlinks are a serious factor in how search engines determine a website’s authority and credibility. Branded podcasts can be used as a consistent and ongoing source of backlink opportunities.

Through methods like featuring guest experts on your show or covering newsworthy topics, your brand can draw in a constant stream of inbound links to its podcast and company website. This positions your brand and content as reliable and trustworthy, which betters the brand’s search engine ranking.


3. Leveraging Content Creation

Search engines, like Google, prioritize websites that regularly post fresh and useful content. Branded podcasts are a particularly efficient way of meeting this demand. By regularly producing branded content through your podcast, the consistency and relevance of your brand will be naturally reinforced.

Branded podcasts are also a great way of increasing digital traffic for a brand. Because Search engines also focus on the popularity of a page when providing results, branded podcasts are a great way to build popularity around your brand’s digital properties, which boosts SEO for the brand. In fact, according to a HubSpot study, brands which incorporate branded podcasting into their marketing strategy see a 14% increase in website traffic.


4. User Engagement Metrics

Because of popularity’s relevance to search engine results, user engagement metrics are an important part of SEO for a podcast. User engagement metrics include statistics like dwell time, bounce rate, shares, and other forms of engagement statistics. These metrics play an important role in SEO.

Search engines recognize engagement statistics as indicators of the value of the content. Engagement such as dwell time, for example, is perfectly aligned for a podcast, as they are normally longer form content. Want to up your dwell time? There’s nothing like putting a 30 or 50 minute podcast player there.

Could your brand benefit from strengthening its SEO with a branded podcast? You can reach out to our team at Muddhouse Media about unlocking the potential of your brand through podcasting.

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