4 Ways to Monetize a Branded Podcast

By MuddHouse Media Team

Podcast monetization can be a great new revenue stream for brands. While the concept of monetization is oftentimes associated with podcast advertising, there are many ways to bring in revenue from your podcast. Here are five ways that you can monetize a podcast beyond ads. 


1. Premium and bonus content 

A great way to increase podcast monetization is through the strategic use of premium content. This is extra content that is made exclusively available for people who pay for a subscription. This premium content can be anything from bonus episodes or behind-the-scenes content to exclusive interviews for your most loyal listeners.

According to a study by YouGov and Variety, about 16% of podcast listeners are willing to pay for exclusive podcast content. This is a significant source of untapped revenue, and can easily boost the monetization of your podcast. Platforms like Patreon and Supercast are some services that make setting up tiered subscriptions for bonus and exclusive content a breeze.


2. Merchandise and Online Selling

Monetizing your podcast through creating “merch” is a strong source of revenue for countless creators. Merchandise for your podcast can be anything from clothing to mugs and stickers related to your show, and it even helps raise your show’s visibility.

Providing your audience with tangible items allows them to have a physical connection to your podcast. Moreover, items like t-shirts, which are worn out in public, can raise awareness of your show and even encourage others to listen to your content. Merchandise can do all of this while still providing a revenue stream, making it a valuable consideration for any podcast creator.


3. Live Events and Virtual Experiences

Live and virtual events are a great way to build a stronger community around your podcast and its listeners, but can also be a highly lucrative means of monetizing your podcast content. Live shows, Q&A sessions, and even virtual workshops are all highly monetizable through ticket sales and sponsorship opportunities.


4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when an affiliate, oftentimes a creator, earns money by marketing another person’s or company’s product. The affiliate marketing industry is predicted to reach over $21 billion in 2024, which is a $13.9 billion boost since 2022. As such, this is an extremely important consideration in monetizing a podcast.


By aligning content with relevant products and earning commissions, podcasters can capitalize on their influence to bring in revenue. Affiliate marketing offers podcast creators a strategic way to monetize their recommendations to their audience, all while still maintaining authenticity. For example, if you’re a destination marketing organization creating a podcast about the best things to do in New York, you could set up an affiliate program with local businesses that drives foot traffic with a discount code special to your podcast. The business can track the number of sales coming from your podcast and provide you a commission.

Are you looking for a way to monetize your brand through the power of podcasting? Get in touch with our team at Muddhouse Media to talk about how we can help bring your brand’s goals to fruition!

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