5 Branded Podcast Formats To Engage Your Listener


By MuddHouse Media Team

Establishing a format for your branded podcast is key to its success. Your listeners need to know what they’re tuning in for each week–is it your analysis of industry news or an interview with someone in the space? Or, perhaps, it’s short and punchy–10 tips to succeed in the space. 

Whatever it is, finding a format to engage and activate your listeners is important before launching your podcast. Below are some formats you can consider using for your podcast.


There’s a major benefit to centering your podcast around newsworthy topics–when you cover things that are newsworthy, there’s an added opportunity to be discovered. That’s because when you post your podcast with an SEO-optimized title, description, transcript and accompanying blog post, you boost your searchability on Google and other platforms. Pair that with a robust social media presence with clips from your podcast, and you’ve just multiplied your discoverability. The key here is timing–you want to be reactive when the news drops so that your show drops not too long after the news has broken, often within a few days. 



One of the most popular podcast formats, interviews are beneficial for several reasons. First, it takes much of the pressure off you to host the show. It also provides a unique perspective that you wouldn’t be able to offer. Finally, it serves as a great business development tool. Having a podcast with a busting audience allows you the opportunity to invite potential clients, customers, or business partners. Focus on making it as conversational as possible rather than like an interview on your local news channel.


Event Coverage

Providing coverage for an event or convention in your industry is a great podcasting opportunity. In addition to its ability to bring you into conversation with clients and business partners, it makes great content for your listeners who weren’t able to attend the event. Outside of the interviews, if you’re allowed to, capture content from speakers and sound from the event to give the podcast some texture, allowing listeners to place themselves there.



We all love a listicle. These short, bite-sized, easy to consume pieces of content keep us scrolling (or listening!) for hours on end. “5 Ways to Turn Your Listener to a Buyer” is a great example of an eye-catching headline that drives listenership. Listeners know exactly what they’re going to hear, and the host of the podcast can showcase their thought leadership in this engaging format. 


Your Story

How did you, or your company, get to where it is today? Telling your story of success (and challenges along the way!) is often a great format for a podcast. Sometimes, companies are able to highlight the community around them in the podcast, using the podcast as a tool to directly engage with them. Top of the World: Lessons From Rebuilding the World Trade Center, a podcast produced by MuddHouse Media, did exactly this, telling the stories of everyone involved in the historic rebuilding of The World Trade Center in New York City. 


Podcast Production with MuddHouse Media 

Not sure where to start? That’s why we’re here. At MuddHouse Media, we are a team of experienced media professionals who specialize in expert storytelling. We’ll help you find the right story (or stories) to tell through a podcast, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Learn more.

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