5 Ways To Boost Your Podcast’s SEO Rankings

By MuddHouse Media Team

One major benefit of launching a podcast is the opportunity it has to increase searchability for you, your business, or your brand. Like all good SEO, there’s a science behind what drives your rankings. 

Here are 5 ways to boost your podcast’s SEO rankings:


1. Make a website or landing page for your podcast

A website dedicated to your show will increase your organic search traffic. If you craft the brand and messaging of the show around your target listener’s interests, that will further boost SEO.


2. Optimize show title, show description, and show notes

Once you’ve determined your keyword(s) make sure they are front and center in your title, show description, and show notes. If you can use the keyword first in your title and early on in your description and show notes, that boosts your SEO. 


3. Use keywords in your episodes

Great podcasters who know about the power of SEO actually plan episodes around certain keywords to drive searchability. Doing episodes that are newsworthy can also help with this. For example, if you host a football podcast and a major player is involved in a scandal, release episodes around this–being newsworthy can boost discoverability.


4. Write blog posts about your episodes

Content marketers love podcasts because it provides them with endless content–from video and audio to blog posts. Blog posts are a great way to summarize your episode and highlight key moments. Just posting transcripts isn’t going to help you. Think about it, have you ever seen a transcript on the first page of a Google search result? That’s because Google prioritizes time on-page, and people aren’t spending the time reading a transcript–they’ll probably click away fast. With engaging blog posts, visitors will stay on your site.


5. Use social media to promote your show

LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok–whatever platforms work best for your show and audience, use them, religiously, by posting clips from the podcast. It gives your show more exposure and provides more legitimacy, which are things important to Google as they rank searches. 

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