Why the Planning Phase is So Important for Corporate Podcasts

Podcasting has become a fundamental part of marketing strategies for businesses because it allows brands to tell their stories while elevating their brand awareness in an active medium that consumers are constantly engaging in.
But launching a podcast is not as easy as sitting down behind a microphone and talking about your business. That’s right—there is so much you need to do to develop the show before you sit down for that first episode.

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Is Your Branded Podcast Doing Anything For Your Brand? Here’s What To Do

Consumers love content that they can connect with. Branded podcasts fulfill that need by creating content their audience loves to consume around their products and services, or addressing the interests or challenges of their consumers. In this way, branded podcasts have become a key content marketing tool that can heighten brand awareness and build a more loyal audience that trusts your brand.

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Here’s What a Podcast Production Company Can Do For Your Brand

Podcasts are very specific with the audience they choose, as podcasts are sought out by people who are already interested in your niche. The value of nurturing relationships with an engaged target audience through a podcast reaps major benefits for your brand. Creating the budget to hire a podcast production company can reap major benefits for you. Learn more now!

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Patrick McEnroe Covering Brittney Griner

WNBA star player, Brittney Griner, was detained at a Moscow airport in February due to possession of cartridges containing THC vaping oil in her luggage.
Since her arrest, our Holding Court podcast host, Patrick McEnroe, has been tracking her case against the Russian court since early March.

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Patrick McEnroe Talks Simona Halep on Holding Court

The tennis world was caught by storm at the news of Simona Halep’s positive drug test for a banned substance, so it should not be a surprise that Holding Court host Patrick McEnroe weighed in on the situation on a recent episode of his podcast.

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The Podcast Producer: Here is Everything You Need to Know

A podcast producer is the creative genius behind the scenes of every podcast series. From start to finish, the producer will make sure the entire process runs smoothly. Here’s what to look for when hiring a podcast producer for your branded podcast series.

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How To Build a Successful Branded Podcast

Branded podcasts have become a key marketing tool for companies as the world of podcasting continues to expand and reach more people. Branded podcasts are not advertisements for your business. What they are is a platform to talk about the issues your clients need solving and increase your brand awareness. Want to learn more about creating the right branded podcast for your brand? Check out these three tips:

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Why Your Business Will Benefit from a Branded Podcast

There is a myriad of benefits to working a branded podcast into your content marketing plan. Unlike advertising, a branded podcast is content you fully own and control. Podcasts are very specific with the audience they choose, as podcasts are sought out by people who are already interested in your niche. Learn more about the benefits of integrating a podcast into your strategy with MuddHouse Media

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How Can a Podcast Benefit your Business?

Podcasts have a wide array of benefits for both businesses and personal brands. If done correctly, you can create an audience of loyal listeners, drive traffic to your website, and achieve other business goals that you may be struggling with. By providing your listeners with high-quality content and working as an educational resource, you can grow your business and reach potential customers. 

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The Secrets to Upgrading Your Visibility & Driving ROI with Podcasts as a Marketing Tool

Podcasts are an extremely effective but often overlooked marketing tool. They can help brands reach hyper-targeted audiences, create a great ROI, and provide overall value for all of the listeners. Not only are they beneficial from the audience’s perspective, but they’re also beneficial from a website standpoint. Podcasts with CEO names or company references on iTunes have an immediate boost in SEO, and their website page rankings reap the same benefits. 

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Patrick McEnroe at the US Open!

Patrick McEnroe went to the 2022 US Open! He gave us his take on everything that went down. Check out his take on Serena Williams, Carlos Alcaraz win over Frances Tiafoe, and so mich more.

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From the death of Queen Elizabeth II to the Little League World Series, Beat the Press has you Covered

On this episode of Beat the Press, former NECN anchor Mike Nikitas fills in for Emily Rooney to discuss the ongoing changes at CNN, the murder of Las Vegas investigative reporter Jeff German, the media coverage of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and how a hot mic at the ESPN Little League World Series shows how far distrust of the media has gone.

Joining Mike on this episode are media consultant Susie Banikarim, Joanna Weiss of Experience Magazine, and Dan Kennedy of Northeastern University.

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