Top Ten Reasons to Listen to the new Saints, Sinners and Serial Killers Podcast on Muddhouse Media

Saints, Sinners and Serial Killers, a new crime podcast hosted by authors Dave Wedge and Casey Sherman, focuses on exclusive information about numerous notorious criminals. The podcast kicks off with a two-part episode featuring Whitey Bulger’s story and the FBI’s quest to bring him to justice.

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Why? The Podcast: An Overview

“Why are you a professional cuddler? Why would you set yourself on fire? Why are you trying to domesticate a rabid animal? Why are you still hunting ghosts?” Hosts Heidi Hedquist and Luke Poling ask the hard-hitting and, to say the least, unconventional questions in their show, Why? The Podcast, a podcast dedicated to exploring unique passions and seemingly bizarre lifepaths.

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Tanya’s Table kicks off with special guest Questlove

Throughout the episode, Questlove offers his take on the food industry, but also finds overlap between that and his experiences as an artist. “I consider culinary arts, comedy art and music expression to be in line with each other,” he tells Holland. Each medium, he explains, carries an element of creativity and artistry that can reflect and define our society.

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Holding Court Podcast: An Overview

Tennis is a game rooted on individual competition, skill, and grace. In Patrick McEnroe’s podcast Holding Court, listeners get insight on strategies and qualities that make both a person and a tennis player successful from one of the sport’s sharpest minds.

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Tanya’s Table Podcast: An Overview

What is food? It fuels us, drives us, and brings us together. Tanya’s Table host Tanya Holland is no stranger to this magic of cooking and feeding; the author, public speaker, executive chef and owner of Oakland’s Brown Sugar Kitchen has over twenty years experience under her belt—her apron, that is! 

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Guest Adam Sandler discusses sports, music, and more on Greek God of Hops with former Boston Red Sox player, Kevin Youkilis

In this episode of Greek God of Hops, Kevin Youkilis and Adam Sandler discuss their pasts and how their passions came to be in their respective fields. Their paths intertwined when Youkilis first met Sandler on a movie set through a friend. Sandler admired Youkilis during his stint on the Boston Red Sox and would continue to root for him despite playing for the rival New York Yankees.

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