How Can a Podcast Benefit your Business?

Woman listening to a podcast, wear wireless headphones, sitting and looking out the window, drinking tea of coffee in the morning.
Woman listening to a podcast, wear wireless headphones, sitting and looking out the window, drinking tea of coffee in the morning.

By Shannon Kurban

Podcasts have a wide array of benefits for both businesses and personal brands. If done correctly, you can create an audience of loyal listeners, drive traffic to your website, and achieve other business goals that you may be struggling with. By providing your listeners with high-quality content and working as an educational resource, you can grow your business and reach potential customers. 

At MuddHouse Media, we're experts in helping brands create their podcasts from the ground up. Our team of podcast professionals can work with you to create consistent brand messaging, determine the best topics for your episodes, and handle all of the technical editing and publishing. Continue reading to learn more about how podcasts can benefit your business. 

Podcasting as a Growth Strategy

It's no secret that podcasts are growing in popularity. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people have been tuning into podcasts as a tool to improve their knowledge, as a way to relax during everyday life and to find others who have similar interests as them. 

For brands, podcasts work as an excellent marketing tool when it comes to growing and engaging with their audience. Hosts can ask their audience questions, interact with them in real-time using social media, or receive any type of feedback on certain topics. Happy relaxed millennial afro american business man wear wireless headphones look away rest at workplace finished work listening music podcast feel peace of mind concept sit at desk in sunny office

No matter what size your business is, podcasts can be included in any marketing strategy to help with customer acquisition, brand awareness, or lead generation. The benefits of podcasting are endless, but let's talk about some of our favorite advantages:

Generate new customers through podcasting

Podcasts help give your customers a unique perspective into your business that they wouldn't normally get elsewhere. By introducing your company and its offerings in an authentic way, you create an opportunity for new customers. Not every listener will be a customer, and not every customer will be a listener. However, creating that relationship adds a level of brand loyalty to anyone to is both a listener and a customer. 

As long as you focus on your guest (if applicable), the message of a particular episode, and ask relevant questions, your podcast will resonate with your audience. 

Build trust and authenticity for your brand with a podcast

The reason people listen to podcasts is primarily to educate themselves on topics they're already interested in. By providing your own experience and knowledge, you are able to build trust and authenticity for your brand. Asking your listeners for their feedback and engaging in conversations shows you care about their needs. 

A listener holding their phone, while listening to Holding Court with Patrick McEnroe

Create a sense of community among your listeners with a podcast

Every podcast needs to start somewhere, and you likely won't have thousands of followers in the beginning, even if your brand is highly established. All new listeners that tune in for all of your new episodes are more likely to become your highest customers since they really trust your messaging. 

As you build up your audience, put together things like a Facebook Group to help establish that sense of community and allow your listeners to interact with each other. Promoting shareable content can also help increase the level of reach your brand has, as well as connect with new listeners. 

Reap the Benefits of Podcasting for your Business with MuddHouse Media

While we touched on some of the main benefits of using a podcast for your business, there are so many more reasons to get involved. Podcasting requires an expert's touch to get everything flowing just right- that is where we come in. MuddHouse Media is a leader in podcast creation and promotion. Learn more about the corporate podcasting services we provide, and get started with yours today!

The Secrets to Upgrading Your Visibility & Driving ROI with Podcasts as a Marketing Tool

Home studio podcast interior. Microphone, laptop and on air lamp on the table
Home studio podcast interior. Microphone, laptop and on air lamp on the table

By Shannon Kurban

Podcasts are an extremely effective but often overlooked marketing tool. They can help brands reach hyper-targeted audiences, create a great ROI, and provide overall value for all of the listeners. Not only are they beneficial from the audience's perspective, but they're also beneficial from a website standpoint. Podcasts with CEO names or company references on iTunes have an immediate boost in SEO, and their website page rankings reap the same benefits. 

At MuddHouse Media, we're experts in everything podcasting. We help brands connect with their audience and portray their brand message to the world. Learn more about the various benefits of podcasting and get started on creating yours today.

Podcasts and Marketing

Compared to social media, the podcasting space is significantly less competitive. With 80 million brands on Facebook and 200 million business pages on Instagram, 850,000 active podcasts are a significantly smaller space. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people have turned to podcast listening in an effort to reduce their screen time and participate in something productive. Podcasts create a sense of involvement for listeners. So while they are technically marketing tools, podcasts are not conventional as they create community, promote engagement, and allow listeners to learn more about their interests.  Photo young businessmans crew working with new startup project in modern loft. Generic design notebook on wood table.

It's within our human nature to want to learn. From health and wellness to serial killers, people want to improve their knowledge of the things that they find interesting. With the exception of paid sponsors, most podcasts are not aimed at selling products or services to their listeners. This makes podcasts an extremely effective marketing tool without really feeling like one. 

Podcasts Effectively Benefit B2B Brands

When you're catering to other businesses, there are multiple people you need to convince. Personal and business stories don't resonate with a B2B audience the same way they do with B2C. Podcasts act as an engaging way for brands to connect with their customers and audiences on a deeper level. Highlighting struggles or celebrating wins through podcasts can help to inspire other brands, connect entrepreneurs, and show a more authentic side of a larger corporation that traditional social media can't portray.

For smaller businesses that don't have a large marketing budget, podcasts can be an affordable and effective way to garner a dedicated audience. By educating and connecting with people, you're creating more loyalty and a broader brand presence. It doesn't hurt that podcasts help drive traffic to your website and other social media platforms! 

Podcasts Build Community

The entire theme of this article centers around the idea that podcasts help create a sense of community, whether you're a solo entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 brand. It's also no secret that user-generated content is a great tactic to use for social media, receive raw data from a niche group, or increase your business's credibility overall. 

Group of Diversity People Teamwork TogetherBy inviting your listeners to follow you on social media, podcast hosts can utilize Instagram polls, share giveaways, or promote photos of their listeners in their merch. Creating meaningful dialogue leads to conversations between friends and followers, which is one of the most effective types of marketing. Resonating within a niche will result in sharing into a larger niche, which, of course, leads to an increase in audience. 

Create a Podcast for your Brand with MuddHouse Media

Podcasts can be an extremely effective marketing tool for your business or personal brand. Create a sense of community and build a loyal audience by providing educational and valuable resources through your podcast. Wondering where to begin? Let the experts at MuddHouse Media do the heavy lifting for you. Contact us today to get started!

Should I Promote My Podcast on YouTube?

A recording studio used to record and edit podcast episodes
A recording studio used to record and edit podcast episodes

By Shannon Kurban

YouTube is one of the most effective avenues for promoting your podcast. However, there is a method to the popular social media channel. You can't simply upload your video episode and see overnight success. 

YouTube has over 2.6 billion active users. They're investing heavily into the podcasting space by hiring a Director of Podcasting and publishing a slide deck of plans for podcasting. If you're looking to expand the average monthly listeners for your show, YouTube might be the best next move. 

MuddHouse Media specializes in all things podcasting. If you're looking to improve your sound and video editing or need an expert to focus on a marketing strategy for your podcast, get in contact with us today. 

Preparing your YouTube Podcast

Before you upload every episode to YouTube, there are a few steps to take to help set you up for success. First, make sure your account and channel are entirely set up. This includes uploading a profile picture, adding a banner image, and filling in all of the basic information for your podcast. Take advantage of the description section on your channel. This is where you can add links to your website, upload any show notes, and links to your podcast's other social media channels. A microphone and computer used for recording a podcast

Conducting Essential Research

Market research is also critical when it comes to seeing success on YouTube. Research other podcasts that are similar to yours on YouTube, Reddit, and Facebook to see what type of success they're receiving. This will let you know what subjects users are interested in and how they might engage with your channel. 

Next, it's important to research your topics before jumping right into recording. Not only will this help you stay on track and define each of your videos, but it will show you how your competition has approached the topics and give you the upper hand. 

Advertising your Podcast on YouTube

Two podcast hosts uploading their video advertisement to YouTubeWhen moving toward paid ads for your podcast YouTube channel, the first thing you'll need to do is create a Google ads account (since Google owns YouTube). Next, determine how long you want your video advertisement to be. This is a great time to use your podcast trailer or to create one if you don't have one. Make sure your trailer includes:

  • The title of your podcast
  • What your podcast is about
  • How users can listen to your podcast

After you've created your video or trailer for your podcast, make sure you iron out the details of the ad. This includes the specific goal you want to meet, how much you're willing to spend, how long you want your ad to run for, and the demographic of your target audience. 

Benefits of Using YouTube for your Podcast

A professional microphone used to record a podcastReach a Visual Audience

Uploading your podcast to YouTube can have a ton of benefits, whether you are recording a video or not. If you are going with the audio-only approach, this creates an opportunity for visual learners. Reach this audience on YouTube by editing and uploading charts, pictures, colors, and other forms of visual art to your episode or highlight. This also gives you an opportunity to tailor to those who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Create Engagement with Comments

YouTube opens up the opportunity to create conversations with your listeners. There aren't any comment sections on popular podcast platforms like Spotify or Apple. Using YouTube allows your listeners to interact with you in real-time during live shows, and they can provide feedback (to which you can respond to). This creates a sense of community for you and your followers. 

Premium Podcasting Content

Lastly, using YouTube allows for new opportunities for monetization by uploading additional video content. Paying supporters are given access to any "Unlisted" content you upload. Be sure also to mark this exclusive content as "Private" and send it out to your email list, so they are the only ones with access. This step requires a bit of extra work for each video, but it's guaranteed to keep your content exclusive. 

Elevate your Podcast with MuddHouse Media

MuddHouse Media provides high-quality services to new or existing podcast hosts. If you are new to podcasting and are ready to work with a team of podcast experts, let us help you meet your goals. MuddHouse Media also creates partnership opportunities with existing podcasts and potential sponsors. Email us today to get started.