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Podcasting represents an unprecedented and advantageous opportunity for brands. With a podcast, you can tell your brand’s story in a new, engaging way, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions.

Branded podcasts lift…

Brand awareness by
Brand Consideration by
Purchase Intent by

But the podcasting space can feel overwhelming. You may be asking yourself:

“how would my podcast stand out in the crowd?”

That’s where we come in.

MuddHouse Media is an Emmy-nominated team of Hollywood storytellers.

We work with brands, celebrities, and diverse talent to create elevated audio experiences.

We’re more than just a podcast production company. We serve as a strategic partner to identify and win you new opportunities in the quickly evolving audio landscape. We take on the complexities of podcasting, from production and distribution to go to market strategy, so you can focus on telling your story. Our team has a discerning eye for great stories, and we have the creativity to bring your story to life in engaging new ways and make it heard on a larger scale.

Our Founder & CEO, Kris Meyer

Kris Meyer, CEO and Founder of Muddhouse Media

Kris is an Emmy nominated and award-winning producer who spent the last 20 years with the comedic duo The Farrelly Brothers under their production banner, Conundrum Entertainment, netting over $2 billion in box office sales.

His industry-leading creative production experience gives him a unique vision for the growth of the podcasting industry, and his vast Hollywood network allows for strategic partnerships that drive growth.


We take all of the lift out of creating the series. Beginning with the WHY of the concept, taking a deep dive into all of the expected outcomes and business goals your company is striving to achieve. We create the structure, the topics, as well as secure guests and subject matter experts. We write, produce and edit as well as help deliver the series to market with strong PR and marketing tactics.



Annie Powell, COO & Head of Partnerships

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