Everything You Need to Know About The Thomas Randolph Case and the New Killer Genes Podcast

By Alex Sayfie

How did Thomas Randolph earn the nickname the “Black Widower”? Why are two Emmy-nominated journalists, Melissa McCarty and Kelly McLear, taking on podcast story-telling? And the biggest question of them all, is Thomas Randolph guilty or innocent? Here’s everything you need to know about the Thomas Randolph case and the new, Killer Genes podcast.

Melissa McCarty and Kelly McLear have 30 combined years of experience in investigative journalism and have been nominated for an Emmy twice throughout their careers, working on nationally syndicated true crime television series “Crime Watch Daily,” “Sex & Murder,” and “Accident, Suicide or Murder.” Their creativity and expertise in true crime story-telling will thrive in podcast form. “Melissa and I wanted to move to podcasts because we have more freedoms in telling a story. We can take warranted risks, diving much much deeper”, says Kelly McLear.

 The first full season of Killer Genes will release in early 2021, but the first two episodes are currently available on all platforms. The debut episodes feature exclusive interviews with convicted-murderer, Thomas Randolph in his first time speaking from death row. While Randolph claims he is innocent, the interview reveals his full account of what happened on that fateful night in May 2008 and his reaction to the Nevada Supreme Court granting him a new trial.

 Randolph has earned the nickname the “Black Widower,” because four of his six wives were dead by the time of his 2017 conviction for the murder of wife number six, and two of his wives died of gunshot wounds. In 1986, Randolph went on trial for the murder of wife number two, but was acquitted of the charges by a Utah jury in 1989. In 2008, Randolph was tried and found guilty for the murders of his sixth wife Sharon, and his 38-year-old handyman, Mike Miller, who prosecutors believe was Randolph’s hired hitman. After eventually being found guilty in 2017—nearly nine full years since the murders—he spent the following three and a half years on death row until the Nevada Supreme Court reversed his convictions in November 2020.

 As for the burning question, is Randolph innocent or guilty?

That depends entirely on who you listen to. Randolph’s account will give you one answer and listening to Sharon’s daughter, Colleen, it is a story much different. The only way to know for sure is to listen to Killer Genes and decide for yourself.