How a Branded Podcast Can Unlock Engaged Female Audiences

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By MuddHouse Media Team

If you’re a brand seeking a new way to connect with a more female-dominant audience, branded podcasting may be a great solution for you.

The 2022 Women’s Podcast Report by Edison Research and SXM Media found that women make up 48% of podcast listeners. Women who listen to podcasts are more likely to be younger, employed, highly educated, high earners, and parents. If this is a demographic you’re interested in targeting, podcasting may be a great tool for you.


How Do You Create a Branded Podcast With a Female Target Audience?

By working with a podcast production company like MuddHouse Media, you can guarantee that their branded podcasts are expertly produced and designed to appeal to their target audience.

Brands can produce podcasts for women and speak to their interests, which include  development, mental health, dating, self-care, career guidance, and health and wellness, according to the 2022 Women’s Podcast Report.

The key to a great branded podcast is to make sure you’re delivering value and/or entertainment to your audience. This is not a sales platform. Think about it as a platform to connect more deeply with your most loyal consumers–in this case, women.. 

Remember, women that are listening to a 30 minute or hour-long podcast are people that are already invested in your brand. They have interest in hearing what you have to say,  so make sure you do not waste their time and give them exactly what they're looking for. Partnering with a podcast production company to help do some market research about your target audience’s needs is a great way to ensure that your branded podcast meets the moment and delivers the ROI you’re seeking.


Listeners Spread the Word

Back to the Podcast Report. SXM Media also found that women actively engage with their favorite shows and hosts on social media, promoting within their own networks and creating communities with other listeners. 40% have shared a podcast via social media, and more than half have followed a podcast show or host there. While many listeners follow podcasts and hosts on social media to stay informed about the show, about one-third do so to interact with other listeners or to feel more connected to the community.

Podcast listeners are a passionate and active community of podcast enthusiasts who seek out and recommend podcasts to friends and family, form connections with other listeners, and develop close bonds with their favorite hosts and shows. They can naturally amplify the messages of brands supporting the content these promoters love.

When looking to form long-term relationships with your audience you must keep in mind how to keep them actively involved and engaged. A compelling, actionable takeaway should be included in every episode to keep your audience interested.

Leverage the relationship you have with your most loyal listeners by asking for their feedback. Send them surveys to understand their desires and continue to learn and adapt your podcast and your company’s products or services to meet their needs.

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