How Can a Podcast Benefit your Business?

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By Shannon Kurban

Podcasts have a wide array of benefits for both businesses and personal brands. If done correctly, you can create an audience of loyal listeners, drive traffic to your website, and achieve other business goals that you may be struggling with. By providing your listeners with high-quality content and working as an educational resource, you can grow your business and reach potential customers. 

At MuddHouse Media, we're experts in helping brands create their podcasts from the ground up. Our team of podcast professionals can work with you to create consistent brand messaging, determine the best topics for your episodes, and handle all of the technical editing and publishing. Continue reading to learn more about how podcasts can benefit your business. 

Podcasting as a Growth Strategy

It's no secret that podcasts are growing in popularity. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people have been tuning into podcasts as a tool to improve their knowledge, as a way to relax during everyday life and to find others who have similar interests as them. 

For brands, podcasts work as an excellent marketing tool when it comes to growing and engaging with their audience. Hosts can ask their audience questions, interact with them in real-time using social media, or receive any type of feedback on certain topics. Happy relaxed millennial afro american business man wear wireless headphones look away rest at workplace finished work listening music podcast feel peace of mind concept sit at desk in sunny office

No matter what size your business is, podcasts can be included in any marketing strategy to help with customer acquisition, brand awareness, or lead generation. The benefits of podcasting are endless, but let's talk about some of our favorite advantages:

Generate new customers through podcasting

Podcasts help give your customers a unique perspective into your business that they wouldn't normally get elsewhere. By introducing your company and its offerings in an authentic way, you create an opportunity for new customers. Not every listener will be a customer, and not every customer will be a listener. However, creating that relationship adds a level of brand loyalty to anyone to is both a listener and a customer. 

As long as you focus on your guest (if applicable), the message of a particular episode, and ask relevant questions, your podcast will resonate with your audience. 

Build trust and authenticity for your brand with a podcast

The reason people listen to podcasts is primarily to educate themselves on topics they're already interested in. By providing your own experience and knowledge, you are able to build trust and authenticity for your brand. Asking your listeners for their feedback and engaging in conversations shows you care about their needs. 

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Create a sense of community among your listeners with a podcast

Every podcast needs to start somewhere, and you likely won't have thousands of followers in the beginning, even if your brand is highly established. All new listeners that tune in for all of your new episodes are more likely to become your highest customers since they really trust your messaging. 

As you build up your audience, put together things like a Facebook Group to help establish that sense of community and allow your listeners to interact with each other. Promoting shareable content can also help increase the level of reach your brand has, as well as connect with new listeners. 

Reap the Benefits of Podcasting for your Business with MuddHouse Media

While we touched on some of the main benefits of using a podcast for your business, there are so many more reasons to get involved. Podcasting requires an expert's touch to get everything flowing just right- that is where we come in. MuddHouse Media is a leader in podcast creation and promotion. Learn more about the corporate podcasting services we provide, and get started with yours today!

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