How Grow Your Podcast Audience with Earned Media

By MuddHouse Media Team

You’ve probably considered, or already implemented, owned and paid media strategies for your podcast. You’re posting clips on social media, and you’re running targeted ads at your ideal listener. But have you considered the power of earned media? 

Earned media includes media coverage, podcast reviews, and shares on social media from influencers. 

Here are some ways to implement an earned media strategy:


Media Coverage: Pitching Your Idea

To gain media coverage for your podcast, you’ll likely have to pitch the media. Developing a press release around a launch or new season is a good start. You may want to offer exclusive content or access to your podcast host(s) or guests as a way to drum up interest for your pitch. 

Sometimes gaining media coverage for your podcast doesn’t mean you’re pitching the podcast itself. Often, it’s pitching your host as a subject matter expert who can weigh in on news of the day. When media is secured for your host, they can bring the podcast into the conversation and be labeled as host of the podcast. 

Our very own Patrick McEnroe, host of “Holding Court,” was selected as a contributor for CNN because of his robust coverage and commentary on news headlines in his podcast. 


Podcast Reviews

Reviews for your podcast boost its discoverability on podcast platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts. The more positive reviews of your podcast, the more legitimate your show appears. While the public can’t access backend analytics for podcasts, they can see two things: the number of reviews you have and number of followers on social media–these are often two good indicators of listenership for your podcast. Drive more reviews by asking your audience to leave a review as a call to action in the podcast itself and in your podcast promotions. 


Driving Shares on Social Media

While your posts on social media are considered “owned media” every share you get is earned media! Consider the benefits of the various social media platforms for your podcast–YouTube for video episodes, TikTok and Instagram for short clips, and Twitter to continue conversations with your audience outside of episode releases. Ensure you are creating engaging content that drives shares. Before you post something, ask yourself, “Is this something that someone is LIKELY to share or send to a friend?” If the answer is no, it’s time to find a more compelling piece of content to share. 

The power of earned media cannot be discounted and should be included in your podcast marketing strategy. If you need some guidance elevating your podcast marketing strategy, MuddHouse Media may be a great partner to you. Reach out here!

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