How to Choose The Right Podcast Format For Your Brand

By MuddHouse Media Team

Podcasting provides a powerful medium for brands to tell their stories and connect with their audiences. With the rising popularity of podcasts, it's important for brands to stand out with unique and engaging content. If you’re creating a podcast, here are four different formats to consider:


  1. Interview Format

The interview format is the most popular choice for podcasts. In this format, a host interviews a guest, usually an expert in their field, to provide insights and knowledge on a particular topic. The interview format is great for brands that want to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. By featuring experts, they can share their expertise with their audience and showcase their brand's knowledge and credibility. A challenge for this podcasting format is managing the schedules of the host and guests and finding mutually convenient times to record. However, having guests on a podcast is highly rewarding as it provides engaging content, plus guests often share their appearance on with their following, helping you reach new audiences.


2. Narrative Format

The narrative format is a storytelling format that tells a story over a series of episodes. This format is perfect for brands that have a compelling story to tell or want to showcase their brand's history and evolution. The narrative format allows brands to create a narrative arc that engages the audience and keeps them coming back for more.


3. Roundtable Format

The roundtable format is a discussion-based format where a group of experts discuss a particular topic. This format is great for brands that want to showcase multiple perspectives on a particular topic. By featuring a diverse group of experts, brands can provide their audience with a well-rounded view of the topic and demonstrate their brand's openness to different viewpoints. A great example of this format is from an episode of Top of the World: Lessons From Rebuilding the World Trade Center, a branded podcast produced by MuddHouse Media that chronicled the historic 20-year rebuilding of New York City's World Trade Center after 9/11. Episode 10, "The Final Project" features a roundtable of different stakeholders who are completing the final pieces of the World Trade Center construction.


4. Solo Format

The solo format is a podcast where a single host speaks directly to the audience. This format is perfect for brands that want to establish a personal connection with their audience. The host can share their personal experiences and insights, providing a more intimate and relatable experience for the audience. The downside of a solo podcast is that it tends to be less versatile than a conversational podcast, which offers dynamic perspectives. 


Why Brands Should Launch a Podcast

Podcasting is a powerful tool for brands to connect with their audiences and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. By choosing the right format, brands can create engaging and unique content that resonates with their audience. In addition, podcasts provide a platform for brands to share their brand story and showcase their expertise.

At MuddHouse Media, we believe that podcasting is a key vehicle to creating a deeper connection between a brand and its audience. By launching a podcast, brands can differentiate themselves from their competitors and create a loyal following of listeners. If you're interested in learning more, let's talk.

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