How To Start a Podcast (Without Breaking the Bank)

By MuddHouse Media

One of the most daunting things about starting a podcast can be the cost of all the equipment. However, with the right budget-friendly equipment, you can achieve professional-quality audio without burning too big of a hole in your wallet. Here’s some budget-friendly podcasting equipment perfect for a beginner podcaster that we recommend at MuddHouse Media. 

1. Quality USB Microphones:

Investing in a good USB microphone is the cornerstone of budget-friendly podcasting. Opt for options like:

2. Pop Filters and Windshields:

Enhance your audio quality by preventing plosive sounds and wind interference:

  • DIY Pop Filters: Create a budget-friendly pop filter using materials like nylon stockings and embroidery hoops.
  • Foam Windshields: These reduce wind noise during outdoor recordings and cost very little. ($6.99 - $12.99)

3. Boom Arms and Desk Mounts:

Keep your setup organized and improve recording flexibility with budget-friendly support:

4. Acoustic Treatment:

Improve sound quality by minimizing echo and background noise:

  • DIY Soundproofing: Utilize household items like rugs, curtains, or foam panels to absorb sound.
  • Moving Blankets: Affordable alternatives for creating a makeshift recording booth.

5. Audio Editing Software:

Free or low-cost audio editing software is crucial for post-production:

  • Audacity: A powerful and free open-source option for beginners.
  • GarageBand (for Mac users): A user-friendly DAW included with Apple devices.

6. Headphones:

Ensure accurate monitoring and editing with budget-friendly headphones:

  • Sony MDRZX110: Lightweight, comfortable, and affordable for entry-level podcasters. ($19.99)
  • Superlux HD668B: A semi-open design providing a balanced sound at a reasonable price. ($49.00)

7. Portable Recorders:

For on-the-go podcasting without sacrificing quality:

  • Zoom H1n Handy Recorder: Compact, affordable, and offers excellent audio recording. ($59.99)
  • Tascam DR-05X: Portable with adjustable microphones for versatile recording options. ($99.00)

8. Hosting Platforms:

Choose budget-friendly hosting platforms for your podcast episodes:

  • Podbean: Offers free hosting with options to upgrade as your podcast grows.
  • Spotify For Podcasters: A user-friendly platform with free hosting and distribution options.

9. DIY Soundproofing Solutions:

Create a makeshift recording space without a hefty price tag:

  • Blanket Forts: Construct a cozy recording space using blankets and pillows.
  • Closet Studios: Utilize the clothes in your closet to naturally dampen sound.

10. Community Support:

Tap into free resources and communities for guidance and feedback:

Having a great sound with your budding podcast doesn’t have to cost big bucks. With these budget-friendly equipment choices and creative DIY solutions, you can create professional-sounding podcasts in no time! Check out our blog for tips about marketing your podcast and boosting your listenership. 

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