The Secrets to Upgrading Your Visibility & Driving ROI with Podcasts as a Marketing Tool

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By Shannon Kurban

Podcasts are an extremely effective but often overlooked marketing tool. They can help brands reach hyper-targeted audiences, create a great ROI, and provide overall value for all of the listeners. Not only are they beneficial from the audience's perspective, but they're also beneficial from a website standpoint. Podcasts with CEO names or company references on iTunes have an immediate boost in SEO, and their website page rankings reap the same benefits. 

At MuddHouse Media, we're experts in everything podcasting. We help brands connect with their audience and portray their brand message to the world. Learn more about the various benefits of podcasting and get started on creating yours today.

Podcasts and Marketing

Compared to social media, the podcasting space is significantly less competitive. With 80 million brands on Facebook and 200 million business pages on Instagram, 850,000 active podcasts are a significantly smaller space. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people have turned to podcast listening in an effort to reduce their screen time and participate in something productive. Podcasts create a sense of involvement for listeners. So while they are technically marketing tools, podcasts are not conventional as they create community, promote engagement, and allow listeners to learn more about their interests.

It's within our human nature to want to learn. From health and wellness to serial killers, people want to improve their knowledge of the things that they find interesting. With the exception of paid sponsors, most podcasts are not aimed at selling products or services to their listeners. This makes podcasts an extremely effective marketing tool without really feeling like one. 

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Podcasts Effectively Benefit B2B Brands

When you're catering to other businesses, there are multiple people you need to convince. Personal and business stories don't resonate with a B2B audience the same way they do with B2C. Podcasts act as an engaging way for brands to connect with their customers and audiences on a deeper level. Highlighting struggles or celebrating wins through podcasts can help to inspire other brands, connect entrepreneurs, and show a more authentic side of a larger corporation that traditional social media can't portray.

For smaller businesses that don't have a large marketing budget, podcasts can be an affordable and effective way to garner a dedicated audience. By educating and connecting with people, you're creating more loyalty and a broader brand presence. It doesn't hurt that podcasts help drive traffic to your website and other social media platforms! 

Podcasts Build Community

Podcasts help create a sense of community, whether you're a solo entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 brand. It's also no secret that user-generated content is a great tactic to use for social media, receive raw data from a niche group, or increase your business's credibility overall. 

By inviting your listeners to follow you on social media, podcast hosts can utilize Instagram polls, share giveaways, or promote photos of their listeners in their merch. Creating meaningful dialogue leads to conversations between friends and followers, which is one of the most effective types of marketing. Resonating within a niche will result in sharing into a larger niche, which, of course, leads to an increase in audience. 

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Create a Podcast for your Brand with MuddHouse Media

Podcasts can be an extremely effective marketing tool for your business or personal brand. Create a sense of community and build a loyal audience by providing educational and valuable resources through your podcast. Wondering where to begin? Let the experts at MuddHouse Media do the heavy lifting for you. Contact us today to get started!

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