Should You Invite Influencers On Your Branded Podcast?

By MuddHouse Media

Have you considered inviting an influencer as a guest on your branded podcast? An influencer partnership can raise brand awareness, podcast visibility, and trust in your brand with a new audience. Here are some of the main benefits of inviting influencers as guests on your branded podcast.


1 - Expanding Reach and Diversifying Audiences

Collaborating with influencers can put you in front of engaged communities that match your listener profile. For example, if you host a podcast about personal finance, inviting personal finance influencers onto your show and having them promote it to their audience, whose interests are personal finance, best position you to gain new listeners in your niche. Because fans are drawn to content involving their favorite creators, collaborating with a creator will bring fans to your podcast and attention to your brand.

Plus, it can benefit the influencer. Guests on “The Joe Rogan Experience” were able to see a significant increase in engagement with their own podcasts, averaging at +47% after their appearance.


2 - Authenticity and Trust

Social media influencers are known for their authenticity and genuine connections with their followers The trust and connection built up between influencers and their fanbase is a particularly powerful resource for branded podcasting.

When influencers bring their authentic voice to a branded podcast, it serves as a powerful endorsement. The trust in your brand that the influencer shows by collaborating is passed on to their community and applied to both your podcast as well as your brand. While only 38% of millennials trust celebrity endorsements, 50% trust influencer endorsements, according to HubSpot. 


3 - Niche Expertise

Influencers often are experts in their niches, and this expertise can add tremendous value to your podcast content. Whether it’s providing unique insights, sharing personal stories, or offering expert commentary, influencers bring a fresh perspective and presence that resonates with their audience. This collaboration allows for your podcast to diversify its content and tap into specialized topics, all while providing entertaining content that represents your brand.

The content doesn’t only benefit the brand, however. Much like your own podcast benefits from collaboration, influencers collaborating with a branded podcast will gain engagement, visibility, and diversity for their own content and communities.


Are you looking to boost listenership by booking influencers and other high visibility talent on your podcast? Reach out to our team at Muddhouse Media, and chat with us about how we can support your marketing goals with a branded podcast.

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