Should You Record Your Branded Podcast Remotely or In Person?

By MuddHouse Media Team

The ability to work remotely has become essential and continues to be a new way of conducting business. This is no different in the podcasting world. It is important to be able to record and produce a podcast remotely successfully. 

When our team produces branded podcasts for companies, oftentimes one of the first questions that comes up is “Should we be recording this in person?” While we prefer in person recording (can have better audio/video output, better chemistry between host and guest) you can launch a branded podcast that’s been recorded remotely. 

Here are some of the essential steps to ensure high-quality remote podcast recordings, whether you’re an experienced podcaster or just getting started.


Select The Right Communication Platform and Equipment


Using a trustworthy communication platform is essential to enable seamless remote podcast recording. We recommend Riverside and SquadCast, which provide outstanding audio and video quality. Avoid platforms like Zoom and Skype because the audio is not reliably high quality and the programs compress the audio file outputs. 

When deciding your platform, examine each platform's characteristics and consider dependability, usability, and compatibility with your recording setup.Purchasing high-quality audio gear is necessary to produce podcast recordings that sound professional. To reduce background noise and guarantee clear communication, each participant should have a dependable microphone and headphones. Our favorite brands are RODE and Shure


Set Yourself Up For Success


Before organizing your remote podcast recording, decide on clear goals and a plan for the episode’s format. With your guests or co-hosts, establish the schedule, assign speaking times, and write an outline for the event. Set aside time for introductions, talks, and any potential breaks after estimating the duration.

Conduct audio testing with all participants before the session to prevent recording-related issues. Ensure no echo background noise concerns and everyone’s microphone levels are balanced.

Promote the usage of headphones among participants to reduce audio bleed and improve sound quality.

For remote podcast recording, dependable internet connectivity is essential. Encourage everyone to connect their internet through a wired connection whenever possible.

When using Wi-Fi, make sure the signal is strong and avoid other bandwidth-heavy activities while recording. Remind participants to close unneeded browser windows or programs to improve system performance.


How to Get the Best Recording


Establish a transparent communication line during the podcast recording to prevent interruptions or miscommunications.

Remind participants to turn off their microphones when not speaking to reduce background noise.

To ensure seamless transitions between different segments, communicate links, notes, or hints using the chat tool on the communication platform of your choice.

Although most communication platforms have recording features, it is wise to record locally as a backup.

Each participant should use a program like Audacity, GarageBand, or Adobe Audition to record their audio locally. This guarantees that you will have individual high-quality audio tracks to work with during post-production, even if there are bugs in the shared recording or network issues.


Post-Production and Editing


After podcast recording, use audio editing software to remove any background noise, equalize audio levels, and perform any necessary changes. Working with a podcast production team is the best way to capture and edit and the best sounding audio. To create a cohesive episode, your podcast producer will combine the different audio tracks, adding intro music, transitions, and sound effects as needed.

Recording your branded podcast remotely is possible with the right tools and team around you. Don’t try podcasting alone. Chat with us to see how our podcast production team can be helpful in bringing your branded podcast to life!

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