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Come and sit down at this table, Tanya's Table, with acclaimed chef/restaurateur/cookbook author Tanya Holland of Brown Sugar Kitchen. We will learn from some of the most interesting people in our culture today. We have so much to learn from each other. The more we know, the smarter, more kind and more understanding we become. The world could use a large dash of that right now! We will engage in many topics tethered by food and culture. Let’s learn together to make our world better. Let's break bread.
Tanya’s Table spotlights Holland and her guests discussing food, culture, and diverse foodways as podcast listeners peer through the window to experience their candid, and often hilarious, conversations. While food is the center of attention, Holland explores other lifestyle topics such as travel, social awareness, self-help and work/life balance, challenges and triumphs, discovering off-the-radar gems, sustainability, the role of mentors, and more. Every episode further delves into each guest’s individual identity through their sense of taste (with food, design, style, etc.) and discovering foods of their heritage.



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