Top Ten Reasons to Listen to the new Saints, Sinners and Serial Killers Podcast on Muddhouse Media

By Grant Vanzura

Saints, Sinners and Serial Killers, a new crime podcast hosted by authors Dave Wedge and Casey Sherman, focuses on exclusive information about numerous notorious criminals. The podcast kicks off with a two-part episode featuring Whitey Bulger’s story and the FBI’s quest to bring him to justice. Wedge and Sherman disclose Bulger’s story, drawing details from their new novel: Hunting Whitey. The Boston reporters focus on exclusive stories and interviews that unmask many details of the chase and the killing of Bulger. The acclaimed authors paint a more complete picture of the criminal’s mind as well as that of law enforcement tirelessly working on the arrest. Saints, Sinners, and Serial Killers invites listeners to join Wedge and Sherman on their riveting journey to discover the real truth about one of America’s most dangerous and most fascinating former mobsters.


The hosts, Dave Wedge and Casey Sherman are both New York Times bestselling authors based in Boston, the site where much of the Whitey Bulger saga takes place. 


The show features a variety of unreleased, exclusive interviews and investigative reportage on the complete story and inside scoops about Whitey Bulger.


While the majority of media coverage on Bulger focuses on his crimes, Sherman and Wedge capture the riveting details of his life on the run and experiences in prison.


Hear chilling audio of Whitey Bulger himself sharing his thoughts on being captured.


Discover the critical details that allowed for the police to trail the breadcrumbs of evidence left by Bulger.


Listen to an exclusive interview of Bulger’s cellmate and friend describing an assassination attempt on Bulger’s life.


The hosts interview FBI special agent Scott Garriola; the man who made the arrest of Bulger and his confidant.


The hosts lived in the Boston area during Bulger’s criminal peak and can speak of their own memories and discoveries while investigating the case as it happened.

Dave Wedge and Casey Sherman


Find out insider information from the daughter of the man accused of killing Whitey Bulger.


Discover chilling details about the corruption of the FBI during the chase for Whitey Bulger.

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