Why Podcasts Fail, And What You Can Do To Fail-Proof Yours

By MuddHouse Media Team

Podcasting allows your brand to tell its story and ignite customers to action. However, some brands do not know how to use podcasting to their advantage, and they do not produce the results they’re seeking.

Here are a few pitfalls your podcast may face:


1. You Don’t Have a Process

It takes a lot of work to produce, distribute, and market your branded podcast. Podcasting requires a lot of collaboration. Everyone should have their own designated role from production to marketing–one person cannot effectively do it all. Oftentimes, brands hire podcast production agencies to take the project on, as it is more time efficient and cost effective.


2. You Don’t Have a Strategy

Podcasting requires both short and long-term strategies to make sure that it is effectively resonating with your audience. 

For a short-term strategy, you should know how to structure episodes and schedule them. This will allow for each episode to be a special, differentiated part of the series providing value to your target listener.

As for a long-term strategy, you should set your KPIs and track data as your series is taken to market. Most likely, your podcast is not going to obtain a lot of downloads within the first few months; however, if you know why different episodes are resonating with your audience, whether it is the topic, the guest, or even the episode title, use those qualities to your advantage because that will allow your branded podcast to grow more effectively. Also, be consistent with your episodes. Many podcasts are releasing 1-2 episodes a week or more. 


3. You're Ineffectively Marketing Your Podcast 

Branded podcasts are great marketing tools to expand your brand and connect with your audience. Knowing how to effectively market your podcast lets people know that it exists and to engage with it. Your brand should be using a variety of different tactics to market your series. 

A call-to-action, or CTA, is helpful because it allows your listeners to subscribe to future episodes after they have listened. You retain your audience as your series progresses, allowing for more listeners to subscribe to future episodes. Other CTAs include visiting your website, following you on social media, or taking another specific action that you’ve set.

Videos or short clips present your audience with a visual component to your podcast, seeing the host and guest(s). These videos can also be turned into social media posts as well. Marketing teams love having podcasts because it provides endless content for them.

Integrating a player on your website allows your audience to easily listen when they’re spending time on your website. Transcriptions allow for SEO-optimization opportunities for your site as well.

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